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The seven principles:

We need to find solutions for complex, social challenges that affect children and young people in our city. These concern all organizations and do not stop at organizational boundaries. They require collaboration straight through and across organizational boundaries.

Talent is not limited to those who excel at the highest level: each person has talents. In this everchanging society we need to create opportunities for everybody to use and develop these talents to their full potential. This way everybody can keep up and join in. This means not only focusing on the individual, but also provide the collective with the means to develop to its full potential.

In education we see people daily, almost from the moment they are born until they leave school and start work. Therefor in Nijmegen, these institutions cooperate to ensure that all children and young people get opportunities to develop their talents. This organization is called Ieder Talent Telt (‘every talent matters’)

Mission and vision

Ou dream: If you are a child or a young person in Nijmegen, you get the opportunities to develop your talents and become who you really are. We dream of a society where talents are developed, where everyone matters and can participate.

We create sustainable and structural collaborations across the boundaries of these organizations. To this end, we build a network of community builders, from all educational institutions and childcare in Nijmegen: childcare, primary and secondary education, ROC Nijmegen, HAN University of applied science, and Radboud University.

What we do

We want to connect people (young people, adults, experts, professionals and other interested parties) from different worlds and bring them together around a theme or question, creating new connections.

We work on this by:

  • developing relevant networks, making connections with and connecting people willing to work on the social issues that play a role in education.
  • forming learning communities (broedplaatsen) in which young people, professionals, teachers, students, administrators and other enthusiasts gather knowledge, share, experiment, network and work together on a specific theme, problem or challenge.
  • organizing activities, together with partners from education, social organizations and the business community

We want to share valuable insights, successful activities and successful experiments with a broad range of people working in education, childcare or with children and youth in general, so they can implement these in the working methods and offerings of childcare, education and/or the municipality.