inclusie internationals

Sinds enige tijd hebben we een groep studenten van International Social Work in ons midden bij ITT. Ze vertellen kort wat ze doen bij Ieder Talent Telt:

“Hello reader!

Our names are Abileny, Carina, Yente and Maxime. We are International Social Work students at the HAN in Nijmegen. We are currently working on a project for Ieder Talent Telt. This project’s main goal is to create social cohesion between Dutch students and international students in Nijmegen.

We want to do this by creating a
 sustainable activity that will continue to bring about social cohesion. In order to do this, we are hosting a smaller event to directly brainstorm with our target group. The target group themselves know best what they wish to see happening in Nijmegen for this goal to be reached. We are looking forward to bringing about positive social change in partnership with Ieder Talent Telt!”